I recommend this service every 12 weeks for wavy and curly hair clients. 

After creating our game plan, I will cut the curls one by one or in curl groups removing weight and/or length to bring the life and vava voom back to your curls or waves. 

Finished with a quick refresh of the curls.

$130 / $175


This cut is NOT for a dramatic length or shape change. 

This service is for well established curly or super curly clients who have received a full Curly Cut from me in the past 3 months, who are wanting to stay on top of their shape between Returning Curly Cuts. Your experience begins with a conversation about your curls over the last couple of months. I will reshape your layers for added volume by removing excess weight, reshape the curls around your face, trim up your bangs, and dust the ends only if needed. Finished with a quick refresh of your curls. This is a 30 minute service.



Don't feel like washing your hair and applying your products today?

Not to worry, I've got you covered!

Come on in with your dirty frizzy hair and you will receive a deep cleanse and detangle. Then, get ready to relax with an extended time scalp massage. Followed by ribboning with conditioner, and finally styling products scrunched in then towel scrunched in. Bring your root clips and I'll put those in too. All you have to do now is let it dry and scrunch out the cast.

$45 / $90



This is an artistic freehand technique for gorgeous light-reflecting highlights that offer the perfect harmony and balance to give brilliance and dimension to beautifully compliment your Curly Cut. Results are lived in looking so there is less maintenance required.

Curl Set & Finish is included. 

Add on Hydrating Hair Masque for maximum hydration. Masque is included for Super Curly Hair etc.

$210 / $375


This is an artistic freehand technique for lighter hair clients where multiple tones are applied to the hair resulting in lots of dimension and is the perfect compliment to your Curly Cut. The results are lived in looking so there is less maintenance required.

Curl Set & Finish included.

Add on Hydrating Hair Masque for maximum hydration. Masque is included for Super Curly Hair etc.

$220 / $385


For grey coverage or a color refresher for your new growth. After rinsing out the color, I will walk some products through your curls and scrunch. You leave wet but with no more GREY! 

Curl Set & Finish not included.  




During this service, I encourage you to breathe deep and let it all go and be prepared to relax in a big way. This pre-cleanse exfoliation treatment is crafted to gently remove impurities from the scalp, and to purify, replenish, and restore balance. It is formulated with Hawaiian Red Salt which is rich in volcanic clay and minerals, apple which restores hydration, sunflower and Tea Tree which soothes inflammation and irritation, and peppermint extract which invigorates the senses.

This luxurious service begins with True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub slowly massaged into the scalp. Then a detoxifier will be massaged into the scalp and hair and will be followed by a scalp and hair cleanse also massaged into the scalp, and is finished with a Hydrating Masque applied to the hair. 
This service can be added onto any New Guest Package or any Returning Guest services. Please choose the proper service for your specific curl type and texture.



I will bathe your hair in Hydrating Hair Masque a luxurious masque that will repair and revitalize dry or damaged hair and soften the hair so it feels like butter. Hair will be left feeling soft, shiny, and smooth.



Are you a product junkie or a long time “not so great for my hair product user”? Then its time for a Detox. The curls deserve to be free of product buildup on the hair and scalp caused by direct oils, silicones, parabens, hard water, or other curl potential killing product ingredients. Hydrating Hair Masque included. If you are new to using clean products, I recommend adding this service to your New Guest Service Package.





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