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whats included

in your new guest session

dirty martini detox hydration session

Time to enjoy your Dirty Martini in the "Relaxation Station"

  • A detoxifying deep cleanse where hair will be thoroughly cleansed with Innersense Detox Hair Mask

  • Curls will be freed of product buildup on the hair and scalp caused by direct oils, silicones, hard water, or other curl-potential-killing product ingredients

  • Curls will be hydrated with Innersense Hydrating Mask to hydrate, repair, and infuse incredible shine and moisture back into the hair


Get ready!


  • Time to learn how to apply your styling products and set your curls up for success

  • I will walk you through which products to use and exactly how to apply them with your hands using my tried and true "ribboning technique

curly girl

product & tool takehome recommendations

Don't worry!


  •  All the Innersense products and all the tools I used, such as clips and spray bottles, are available to purchase

  • I will present everything to you at the end our session

cheat sheet

No need for a pen and paper!


  •  A take-home cheat sheet will walk you back through all the steps you just learned with me.

nighttime & next day best practices



  • I will show you how to protect your curls with a scarf or bonnet at night, and how to refresh them next day and beyond! 

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