I'm so glad you are here. As a first time guest to Modern Curls and Cuts, you can expect a hair salon experience like you have never had before. It will be relaxing, incredibly professional, and full of information for your particular curl pattern and texture. You can expect to see a side of your curls that you have never seen before; Hydrated, Happier, and Healthier!

When you book your appointment, you will receive a system generated confirmation as well as a welcoming personal text message from me. This message will contain a few questions about your curls as well as next steps. Please respond in a timely manner so I can make sure enough time is allotted for all your chosen services.

Please choose the New Guest Drycut appropriate for your curl pattern and texture. Only add on or Rapid Root Color services may be combined with your New Guest Drycut. All other color services must be scheduled for a different day after your initial Drycut Experience. If there is even the slightest possibility that you have Super Curly Hair, Super Thick Hair, or Super Long Thick Hair, then please please choose the corresponding service.

3 days before your appointment, you will receive a system generated reminder of your appointment details. Please do not respond to this message directly. (If you need to change, reschedule, or cancel your appointment please text me directly @ 703.220.3029)

2 days before your appointment I will also personally text you a reminder with instructions for you and your curls that must be confirmed. With possibly 3-5 hours booked out for your appointment, I need a written confirmation saying that you are coming, so please read all my instructions and respond when you receive my text!

***I do run a tight ship and the allotted time to complete your service is based off me starting your service(s) on time. On the day of your New Guest Drycut, please arrive a few minutes early. Once you are inside the lobby, please text me and let me know you are here. I will be out shortly to greet you and walk you back to my suite.***

Because every curly girl is different, it is hard to know exactly how long each appointment will be until I have you in my chair. Please take this into account when you are booking your appointment and try not to schedule anything before or after your New Guest Drycut as it could easily take 3-5 hours. Follow up appointments will take less time.

I will always do my very best to communicate with you via text if I will finish my prior appointment early so you can come earlier, or if it might take a little more time then intended so you are not waiting on me. ​Please understand that I will make every effort to respect your time, but as you know, sometimes curls are just unpredictable.

I am very busy changing the world one head of curls at a time, so if the time slot you want is not available, please go ahead and book the next appointment that works with your schedule, then text me to let me know to add you to my cancelation list!  


If you have Super Curly Hair, Super Thick Hair, or very Long Thick hair, your New Guest Drycut WILL take approximately 4-5 HOURS.

Not sure if that's you, err on the side of a longer appointment when you book.

The pricing may shift up or down based on the game plan we create during your appointment.


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