Fabulous Clients and New Guests: 
Updated October 2021

I am so excited to announce that Hugs, Handshakes, & Smiles are back!
I have been fully vaccinated so masks are no longer required. They are optional based on your comfort level. If you do choose to wear one, make sure it goes over your ears and not around your neck. For now, I will continue to wear mine!


*Make sure you see Salons D' Allon on the building in front of you. Then text me to let me know you have arrived. Feel free to come in but please wait in the lobby area where you will find a small bench. I will respond to you via text and indicate that I am ready for you. My suite is located on the ground floor to the right of Rockey's Piano Bar.

*Please keep all communication through text message only. No email and no DM's.

*Please wait for me and I will meet you in the lobby and walk you back to my suite where we will both sanitize our hands.

*Restrooms are located down the hall all the way back on your left side. 

*Extra time for additional sanitation procedures are still needed between appointments. Please be patient if I’m running a few minutes behind for your appointment time.

*Thirst quenchers and snacks are back for your enjoyment during processing times. 

​​*I do have INNERSENSE Organic Beauty products available for purchase and I can ship them to you as well.

*If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms such as coughing or fever or are not feeling well, please stay home and contact me immediately!

*I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not follow these guidelines. 
Thank you all so much. I can't wait to see all your smiley faces again!