Fabulous Clients and New Guests: 

Updated March 2021

Even though the mask mandate has been lifted, in my salon suite, I will still be following the guidelines set forth by the CDC and require that you do so as well. 

*If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms such as coughing or fever or are not feeling well, please stay home!

*Text me when you arrive and make sure you see Salons D' Allon on the building in front of you before you text me, but please wait in your car, outside the salon, or in the lobby until I have responded to you via text and indicated that I am ready for you. My suite is located on the ground floor to the right of Rockey's Piano Bar.

*I will meet you in the lobby and walk you back to my suite where we will both sanitize our hands.

*Extra time for additional sanitation procedures will be needed between appointments. Please be patient if I’m running a few minutes behind for your appointment time.

*I will be wearing a mask and it will be changed out between appointments.


*You need to wear a mask that goes over your ears not around your head.

*For now, please bring your own water bottle with you if you think you will get thirsty. I am not offering any beverage service at this time, but please help yourself to a snack on your way out.

*Additional guests/family members are not allowed to accompany you to your appointment.

*If you are receiving color, I am certain I will get color on your mask, so don’t wear your favorite mask. If you forget to wear one or don’t want to ruin the one you have, I have some never worn masks in cute patterns available for purchase.


*I do have INNERSENSE Organic Beauty products available for purchase.


*I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not follow these guidelines. 


Thank you all so much for your continued patience. Let's work together to continue to be socially responsible, but let's do it with our masks on and our curls-on-fire!!!


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